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BOM Master is the system for circuit diagrams of PADS Logic to correspond completely with BOM on mounting. BOM outputted from PADS Logic often doesn’t correspond with parts numbers on circuit diagrams because of the deadline, stock, etc on mounting process. BOM Master gives BOM on mounting process for PADS Logic (circuit diagrams), and enables BOM outputted from circuit diagrams to be used for arranging for mounting parts.

The system can make realize that circuit diagrams correspond with parts arrange list perfectly.
  If you do revision management for circuit diagrams, you will get perfect BOM for arranging.
    Background of development
    ◇We often hear opinions like these.
         ❏ Parts ordered were different from circuit diagrams because of differences between           circuit diagrams and BOM.
            Several BOMs existed for one circuit diagram.
              Ex. Circuit diagrams ABC    rot No1 Rev1 BOM  

                                        rot No2  Rev2 BOM

          ❏ When parts was ordered after circuit diagrams completed, changing BOM was needed            to meet deadline. 
             Feedback to circuit diagrams is too difficult because several BOMs exist for one            circuit diagram.
          ❏ I thought I used stock standard parts, but I actually used standard parts out of            stock. So I needed to use substitute parts and several BOMs were made for one            circuit diagram.
  This software is effective for the person designs circuit in this flow.
      ①Designing parts like resistance, condenser, etc without numbering parts first and       reflecting in the circuit diagram. The Part type name of the resistance of the right       diagramis [ R_10K ].
       ②Designing with using former circuit diagrams and cut&paste, and reflecting.
       ③Choosing parts with the information of inventory-mounting department of purchasing       department or mounting corporation, and reflecting.

[ Parts list decided on in mounting department ]

       ④Several BOMs existed for one circuit diagram. If re-designing products is needed a few      years later, much time to reflect BOMs in circuit diagrams.
       ⑤ Other casesWhen designing circuit diagrams, data were inputted while data in the          materials department were referred to.But parts were out of stock when circuits were           completed and parts were about to be ordered. So other parts were needed. After         then, this change was reflected in circuit diagrams.
  BOM Master changes designing circuit diagrams like this.
   Point 1. The rule of first designing circuit diagrams
   ① You can set resistance or condenser to R, C, etc.In this diagram, part type of resistance is set to R_10K

CautionPADS Logic is changed with reference names, so reference
names can’t be changed on BOM.

A part type name is decided on in types and forms of parts.Part type names and PCB
 forms can be changed by BOM Master.
  Constants can be changed. It is better to change in inputting circuits to make it
 easy to select in making a list of mounting parts.

Point 2. The rule of making a list of mounting parts

  On the list of mounting parts, parts number is order number. BOM is created with
  this item.

  Part type       = a parts name without considering delivery states  Ex) MCR01J103

    Parts number    = using taping parts                                 Ex) MCR01MZPJ103


         Registering as parts of PADS    Parts code used in arranging for parts
                            (delivered with a reel
Quoted from ROHM data sheets

BOM Master can be reflected in from BOM including complete part types and PCB forms.

  Maker names, prices, etc were kept as attributes of symbols. Only prices change each
  time, so it is possible to change the function (for example, getting from databases).
  But customization cost is needed separately.


   Point 3. It is possible for users to set attributes of symbols.      
   Users can set attributes of symbols using definition files of attribute names.
   It is possible to change attribute names at once using this definition tables properly.

Parts names for delivery on former circuit diagrams  Parts Name 

Parts names for delivery decided on newly 「Delivery parts number 

    Sample work on BOM Master
    Designing circuit diagrams

Design a part type with only a type of symbols. A type of symbol is a name, that is [R] for resistance and [C] for condenser.A function part such as IC is made as a name of the part. It is best to make from symbols to PCB forms.This method saves a lot of time of inputting circuit diagrams because it is not necessary to pay attention to parts number.


 designing BOM for mounting from temporary BOM outputted from BOM Master

   Edit with Microsoft Excel.
All except reference names can be changed. It is possible to add items and to change item names.
  Circuits are designed as part type names of each type.
Items of manufacturer names, parts names, etc are empty.
     Completing a parts list inputting stock, price, deadline
         Input stock, price, deadline and complete a parts list for mounting.
            Copy&paste is enabled.

  We can accept an order to design programs as optional software which can design make a list of parts comparing with the house inventory.
      Giving feedback to circuit diagrams with BOM Master
        BOM Master changes data of PADS Logic in parts list for mounting.
after feedback, BOM outputted from PADS Logic can be used for arranging for mounting parts.
       Outputting BOM which it is possible to arrange for parts with scripts of PADS Logic
        Ii is possible to output in the format for each company with scripts of PADS Logic.

Ex) PADS Logic script

  We can accept an order to design a script.

       Ex) A list of mounting parts outputted by scripts

It is possible to search substitute parts based on information such as type, number, constant, resisting pressure, error, size, etc.

BOM Master can reflect changing parts on final mounting stage in PADS Logic easily.

We can accept an order to design programs such as comparing circuit diagrams with BOM.

  BOM Master has different specifications for each user, so we need hold preliminary discussions.
  Please feel free to contact our sales representative.
   BOM Master data sheet